Interesting Windows 7 Commercials

It’s been more than a year i am using Windows 7, from pre-beta to RTM, still rocks my heart. I am happy that microsoft has leveraged such a nice OS, friendly. I was even been able to use Visual Studio 2003, which is my primary development IDE. I am happy to develop web applications with it..

I have seen few interesting commercials on windows 7, i thought it’s the time to share with you all.

Few Recent news and offers from microsoft before going to commercials.

  • Windows XP/Vista and office 2003/2007 users will get 50% discount in current rates, In an effort to get customers to move away from Windows XP/Windows Vista and Office 2003/Office 2007 to Windows 7 and Office 2010. Microsoft announced 50% Up-to-date discounts via Open Value Subscription license agreements.
  • Windows 7 Supports 800,000 Unique Apps and 240,000 Unique Devices.
  • At the CES 2010 keynote, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced that Windows 7 has become the fastest selling operating system in history.
  • Microsoft prepares Windows 7 for external SP1 testing: – Similar to previous external beta service pack rollouts, Microsoft has enabled – via updates you already installed – a beta ‘candidacy check’ within its Windows Update software. (Source a google search)

Let’s go back to the commercials

I’M a PC

Windows 7 Was My Idea TV Commercial

Windows 7: Your PC, Your life

Windows 7 – My Idea: Crystal’s Taskbar

Windows 7 – My Idea: Mimi’s Parental Controls

Windows 7 Steven’s HomeGroup TV Commercial

Windows 7 Snap TV Commercial

Windows 7 Commercial #2

Tyrone :30 – My IDEA