Today I was just in a hurry to just go through what’s interesting out there in Technological world. I came across MonoDROID, from Mono&Novell.

MonoDroid is a development stack for using C# and core .NET APIs to develop Android-based applications using .NET.

dotNET on ANDROID cool right?.

There is also MonoTouch which a C# & .NET Api for developing iPhone applications.  This was revolutionary. But it’s commercial product. Similar way MonoDROID also going to be commercial product in future. But as far I concern about comparing to feature it provides, price doesn’t matter. They spend lots of money on R & D, Innovation etc. So this is just a nominal fee to recover the cost of development and it makes sense.

We can familiarize yourself with the API, the API Design, MonoDroid’s architecture, the list of class libraries that are part of MonoDroid, MonoDroid’s Limitations.

These additions to Mono in increasing the wide application development base using .NET and I am glad such things should happen. .NET is an interesting platform to work with and every one who understand .NET will start loving it, because of it’s Core features.

You can participate in the preview program today by signing up for the MonoDroid mailing list @ .