Read this Silverlight 5 learning series by Michael Crump

1) Introduction to SL5  – This post which provides a brief history of Silverlight and relevant links.

2) Binding – Ancestor Relative Source Binding and Implicit Data Templates.

3) Graphics -XNA 3D API and Improved Graphics Stack.

4) Media – Low-Latency Sound using XNA and Remote Control and Media Command (Keys) Support.

5) Text – Text Tracking and Leading, Linked and Multi-column Text, OpenType Support, Pixel Snapped Text and TextOptions.

6) Operating System Integration Part 1 – P/Invoke, Multiple Windows and Unrestricted File System Access in Full Trust.

7) Operating System Integration Part 2 – Default Filename for SaveFileDialog, 64-bit browser support and Power Awareness.

8) Productivity and Performance – XAML Binding Debugging, Parser Performance Improvements and Multi-core JIT for improved start-up time.

9 Controls – Double and Triple click support, PivotViewer and ComboBox Type-Ahead.

10) Other items – In-Browser HTML, PostScript and Tasks for TPL.

Happy Coding!!!