Zip(Archive) API’s in .NET Framework 4.5 – ZipArchive Class

With release of .NET Framework 4.5, Microsoft has introduced new classes in to System.IO.Compression namespace. These classes will add the necessary programming support for Zipping(Achiving), and Extracting support for Zip Files in your .NET Source Code.

Below are the newly introduced classes as part of .NET Framework 4.5:

ZipArchive – Represents a package of compressed files in the zip archive format.

ZipArchiveEntry – Represents a compressed file within a zip archive.

ZipFile – Provides static methods for creating, extracting, and opening zip archives.

ZipFileExtensions – Provides extension methods for the ZipArchive and ZipArchiveEntry classes.

In this blog post I am going to discuss about ZipArchive class which will help you with most of the important tasks in Archiving a file or folder using .NET.

The ZipArchive class enables you to work with a package of compressed files. The package contains an entry for each compressed file. You can:

  • Retrieve an entry by using the GetEntry method.

  • Retrieve the entire collection of entries by using the Entries property.

  • Create a new entry in the package by calling the overloaded CreateEntry method.

If you add reference for the System.IO.Compression.FileSystem assembly in your project, you can access three extension methods (from the ZipFileExtensions class) for the ZipArchive class: CreateEntryFromFile, CreateEntryFromFile, and ExtractToDirectory. These extension methods enable you to compress and decompress the contents of the entry to a file.

The System.IO.Compression.FileSystem assembly is not available for Windows Store apps.

In Windows Store apps, you can compress and decompress files by using the DeflateStream or GZipStream class, or you can use the Windows Runtime types Compressor and Decompressor.

Here is the quick sample that would help you to understand how to use ZipArchive class. Code is self explanatory – hope that helps. There are three methods ZipFiles – zip all files in a folder, ExtractFile – to extract files with specificname, ExtractFiles – extract multiple files.

Please go through the below code snippet. If you need additional information: visit MSDN Ref on System.IO.Compression, and in later posts we might discuss about the ZipFile class in more detail.