Must Read – Unleash the power of HTML 5 Canvas for gaming

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An excellent article discusses about using HTML5 canvas for building browser based games using only HTML and Javascript. The <canvas> element is used to draw graphics, on the fly, on a web page.

The power of HTML5 Canvas is that you can draw any 2D or 3D content within the canvas region using powerful HTML5 Javascript API’s.

Recommend reading article which would give you good understanding on HTML5 Canvas.

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Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games

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Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games

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The Windows Azure Toolkit(WAT) for Social Games is a set of guidance, samples, and tools that helps developers quickly get started building a casual or social game on Windows Azure.

You can use use WAT for building Scalable Social gaming applications that utilizes the Power of Cloud – Windows Azure.

WAT for Social Games having the following features for Quickly building a Social Gaming application.

  • a set of Ready to use Architecture
    • Starting a Game
    • Playing a Game
    • Game Logic
    • Friends, Invites, and Notifications
    • Leaderboard
  • a set of Ready to use Server APIs
    • Authentication Service
    • Event Service
    • Game Service
    • User Service
    • Game Queue Blob
    • Game Blob
  • It also include a ready use Template for Building a Social Gaming application.
  • Source code of the Sample Game , built using WAT for Social Games.

Download the latest release of the Toolkit here.

You can look through the following links for more information


Informative blogs about How Tankster is built?, which will help you in formulate your own logic from the scratch.

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Also you can checkout Windows Azure Toolkit’s for other applications.


Information Courtesy : DPE(Developer Platform Evangelism) – Microsoft,