Silverlight 5 Final(RTW) released and Microsoft® Silverlight® 5 Tools for Visual Studio® 2010 SP1 available for download

In DECEMBER 2010 Silverlight Fire starter  event Microsoft announced the upcoming release of  Silverlight 5.  Read Scott GU’s Silverlight 5 -announcement blog. and right after an year, yesterday Microsoft has made a remarkable announcement for developers by Releasing final version…
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Windows Azure SDK for .NET – November 2011 (Version 1.6)–Released

Microsoft has released latest version of Windows Azure SDK for .NET  – November 2o11 – Version 1.6. Windows Azure SDK for .NET, which include SDKs, basic tools, and extended tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Taken from Akash’s blog on…
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ASP.NET MVC 4 Developer Preview & new Mobile Application Project Templates with jQuery Mobile support

Newly released Developer Preview of so called ASP.NET MVC 4 is having some interesting additions.  ASP.NET MVC 4 Developer Preview introduces also new template for mobile web applications. These templates are special because they are using jQuery Mobile – special…
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