New revamped Windows Azure released and new Windows Azure SDK v1.7(JUNE 2012)

Microsoft has made significant changes to existing Windows Azure to make it more user friendly and customer friendly. The new Windows Azure was officially released in an online event Meet Windows Azure (MeetWindowsAzure.com) , in this event ScottGu(Microsoft VP)  has…
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Visual Studio 11 User Interface Updates Coming in Visual Studio 11 RC(Release Candidate)

Go through this Visual Studio Team blog about upcoming improvements to Visual Studio 11 User Interface. This will be included as part of Visual Studio 11 RC(Release Candidate) and probably will be released soon by end of May or in…
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Windows Phone Development–Choosers and Launchers

While doing windows phone application programming you will come across some requirements such as: a. “Selecting a contact from contact book” b. “Open up Camera, take a photo and upload or use the photo” c.  “Open a link in Web…
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