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Sandip Dedhia

Sandip Dedhia

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5 Responses to Download Windows 7 Updates Offline with WSUS Offline Update

  • Raghunath says:

    I downloaded the file. Avira Antivirus caught Trojan Dropper virus in it.

    VirusTotal report :

  • Thomas Prescott says:

    Looks more like a false positive. Not all the antivirus products identified it, and those that did identified as a “generic” trojan, which means it may exibit some Trojan-like behavior, but not be one.

  • VISHNU says:

    hai sir , am a genuine windows 7 user but i do not have ainternet connection at home and i cant update the windows can you help me

  • Hg2051 says:

    Seems wondeful, but my OS is in French and I can’t use your soft.
    Do you intend to fix this aspect?

  • REZ says:

    Im creating a custom windows 7 install dvd, and all the update packs available online are out dated by a few months…

    I needed something to pull the updates in quick and easy to integrate them, WSUS sorted it for me thanks very much. keep up the good work!…

    P.S Raghunath Your antivirus reported a false positive in the file because of the actions it carrys out to connect online and download the updates. its clean and safe.