Download Windows 7, Vista and XP VHD’s with IE6, IE7, IE8 or IE9 ( Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Images)

Microsoft has published several VPC images complete with virtual machine configuration (VMC) and virtual hard disk (VHD) for Windows Virtual PC and Microsoft Virtual PC, originally intended for website compatibility testing with different Internet Explorer versions.

VHDs(Virtual Hard disks) are meant to help web designers and web developers to test their websites in different versions of IE web browser, there are many versions of VHDs available for selection, based on a mix of different operating systems and different version of IE browser. All VHD contains clean install of Windows operating system and has been patched with latest security updates, with very few other modifications.

All the VHDs or the VPC images are available for download on Microsoft Download Center – Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Images.

Here’s the list of VHDs available together with their direct download links.

Note that Windows 7 and Windows Vista VHDs are multi-part downloads. Download all the files for that version and run the executable to uncompress and extract the VHD to get the actual VHD disk image file.

Note that Windows XP with IE7 and Windows XP with IE8 is no longer provided, likewise for Windows Vista with IE8 and Windows Vista with IE9, where users have to manually install and upgrade to IE7 orIE8 or IE9 (Windows XP not eligible) with the setup installers included in the image.

The Windows XP VHD is usable until its expiry date of August 09, 2011.

Courtesy : Microsoft Download Center

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