All files hosted by me publicly available for download here..

Cheat Sheet for ASP.NET Page Life Cycle   (PDF)

Cheat Sheet for ASP.NET Full Event Life Cycle  (PDF)

The Agile Manifesto Reference (PDF)

.NET Interview Questions – EBook – By: Shivaprasad Koirala (PDF)

The Microsoft AJAX Client Life Cycle – Cheat Sheet  (PDF)

SQL Server Reporting Services – The Tutorial   (PDF)

C# Projects Interview Questions – By Shivaprasad Koirala (PDF)

Note: I have all these interview questions, but i never spend time on reading these. Just as backup plan keeping these. To my knowledge our Experience is what provides us the knowledge. Be sincere to the interview, reading this just before interview will provide confidence. But it should not be like bi-hearting all answers, understand the concepts and answer in your words(not the words from the book)..

Good luck…

HTML 5 Canvas Cheat Sheet (PDF)

JavaScript – Cheat Sheet v1 (PDF)

CSS2 – Visual Cheat Sheet (PDF)

CSS2 – The Quick Reference – Guide (PDF)

CSS – Cheat Sheet – V2 (PDF)

JavaScript – DOM – Cheat Sheet (PDF)

jQuery – Visual Cheat Sheet (PDF)

jQuery – Cheat Sheet – v1.2 (PDF)

FAST Paper – HTML – Quick Guide Lines (PDF)

HTML – Quick Reference Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Prototype – The Javascript Library- Cheat Sheet (PDF)

LINQ – cheat Sheet (ZIP)

MySQL – Cheat Sheet  (PDF)

C# Language Basics (PDF)

ASP.NET Basics  (PDF)

Core C# and .NET – Quick Reference – Cheat Sheet (PDF)

ASP.NET runtime cheat sheet (PDF)

Microsoft .NET – String Formatting – Cheat Sheet (PDF)

SQL Server – Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Subversion Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Regular Expression – Cheat Sheet (PDF)

SEO – Developer – Cheat Sheet (PDF)

RGB – Hexa – Color – Cheat Sheet  (PDF)

WPF – XAML Cheat Sheet (PDF)

WOORK- HTML5 -Cheat Sheet (PDF)

XML Quick Reference – Cheat Sheet (PDF)

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