At first i doubted Windows 7 will have same problems as the Windows Vista had. But I have been using it since Pre-Beta to RC to RTM. I found that things getting better with windows 7. I never seen such a stable OS in my life. There was a Time people loved Windows 98, ME then came the Windows XP, he took over the world of windows and Windows Vista was the most awaited release, but it did not go well in stealing the hearts of millions of windows lovers.

Windows Vista ran in to problems it was a HUGE RESOURCE EATING MONSTER, lots of stability issues. I did personally tried from Pre-Beta to RC to RTM , SP1 and Sp2 of VISTA.. I some times felt what’s this all about. SP2 of Windows Vista changes lots of things in VISTA. It brought up a STABLE OS.

Windows Vista with SP2 is stable than it’s predecessors. I felt that millions guarantee that.

But still Windows 7 from Pre-Beta onwards has a lots of FAN Following. the main reason is that, it doesn’t behave like Windows Vista first release, more over NOT MUCH of stability issues with Windows 7, i could say i have ran the windows 7 from last FEB 2009 onwards from RC, just 1 week back only i reinstalled it. Because i thought since RTM(Release to Manufacture) version is out, it would be better to Format and make a fresh install.
I’m part of MSDN TechNet Subscriber and i got the download of Windows 7 from Technet on 6th August 2009 and it was a long awaiting.
By the way TechNet is microsoft subscription group for IT Professionals, who can try any microsoft product for Evaluation purposes, unlimited times. This is not free, there will be an annual subscription.
I’m glad that i’m part of it. Trying out any microsoft release first before, that comes in to market is a great opportunity.
There is lot of things to say. i’m stopping things for now.. Will continue in next blog….