Hi All;

We had a nice learning session as part of TechEd-2011 On the Road – Hyderabad  @ Microsoft India Development Center.

The sessions started with Shravan’s  session about “Exploring ASP.NET MVC 3” which was an interesting session discussing  about What is new in ASP.NET MVC 3 and ASP.NET MVC 3 tools update.

After the session we had the Building rich web applications using HTML5 by Harish Ranganath, Senior Developer Evangelist Microsoft we got very interesting idea about HTML 5, CSS 3.0 and IE 9 capabilities.

Followed by we had  Building a social networking portal on Windows Azure in 1 hour by Saranya Sriram, Developer Evangelist, she took a very interesting session about Azure Application development, which she had earliest presented in TECH-ED 2011, BANGLORE.  Sharanya was very  interactive and shown an end-to-end walk through of Moving an ASP.NET MVC 3 application over cloud. Great and most enjoyed session.

Then we took a break for lunch. After lunch we had a session on “TFS(Team Foundation Server) Continuous Delivery” by Vishal Malhotra, Microsoft , quite an interesting discussion. We pour in with questions and he answered all our questions and some of us bagged even t-shirts.

At last and for most we had our favorite Krishna Chaitanya(@NovoGeek) taking session about Javascript API & ECMAScript 5 capabilities. Which was an interesting session. Krishna is an excellent speaker and always does presentations interestingly matching his topic. I remember attending his previous sessions in community techdays, DevCon etc.

Thanks Microsoft and all speakers, event facilitators for providing such a nice event. Hope to attend more from you all.

Those who missed this event. Don’t forget to attend the next session at least. I am sure one way or another you will definitely get some learning out of it.

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