I was in a search for finding solution in C# or .NET which would allow me to send iOS Push notifications from C#. Ideally this needs to be a service/scheduler that will send push notifications periodically. Since iOS is a closed platform, I was wondering whether we can create anything like that using .NET. My search ended in an open source library called APNS-Sharp(APNS is the short for Apple Push notifications). This library provides a C# api for sending iOS push notifications. The library also contains an api for Apple’s Feedback service for  a service used to retrieve push tokens that are no longer valid, so as to be able to clean up subscriptions.

And then I came across a nice tutorial Posted by mheydt, called Sending Apple Push Notifications from a C# Application. Which was really informative and I have start implement the same for my requirement. Awesome!! Let me start trying that.. I will keep you all posted.