Codes are an Irish indie electronic quartet from Dublin, consisting of Daragh Anderson, Eoin Stephens, Paul Reilly and Raymond Hogge. Their debut album Trees Dream in Algebra was nominated for the 2010 Choice Music Prize. The band have established themselves swiftly as a very exciting and energetic live act and to date have supported such bands as Keane and The Airborne Toxic Event.
Codes formed in late 2007 when all members – who had been friends for several years – found themselves available to compose and play music together. Previously, Daragh and Paul had played in another group that disbanded, while Raymond – who had just recently moved to Dublin – also left a band that he was involved with.
In early 2008 they released 2 independent singles –”This is Goodbye” and “Guided by Ghosts”, that both entered the Irish top 50 at number 32 and number 43 respectively. Both singles were well received critically, helped towards a growing fan base and secured the band their first major shows,…

Back to Basics : Singleton Design Pattern using System.Lazy type

This article takes you to a simpler/alternative approach in making a Singleton Design Pattern implementation using System.Lazy class rather that using our traditional approach. Singleton Design Pattern implementation without lazy initialization: This code is thread safe enabled This approach ensures…
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Disable Client Side validation on a button click – ASP.NET MVC

ASP.NET MVC we use client side validation using jQuery.validate plugin, which will be based on Model – Data Annotation validation attributes. In some cases we might want to disable such validation on a button click wherever it is not needed….
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WP8Dev– How to identify the sensors supported on your Windows Phone

This post will give you an  overview on how to identify the sensors supported on your Windows Phone. As a developer when you are developing for Windows Phone – and your application would need to interact with certain sensors in…
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HTML5 – Introduction to HTML5Shiv for Internet Explorer 6/7/8

HTML5Shiv is a JavaScript workaround, discovered by Sjoerd Visscher, to enable support styling of HTML5 elements in versions of Internet Explorer prior to version 9.0, which do not allow unknown elements to be styled without JavaScript. Means your CSS classes…
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Zip(Archive) API’s in .NET Framework 4.5 – Part 2 – ZipFile Class

In my previous post I shared some information on API’s/Classes included as part of System.IO.Compression namespace in .NET Framework 4.5, and given on overview of ZipArchive class. Once such class I would be sharing some insight with post today would…
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