Design Patterns

Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software is a software engineering book describing recurring solutions to common problems in software design. The book’s authors are Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson and John Vlissides with a foreword by Grady Booch. The authors are often referred to as the Gang of Four, or GoF. The book is divided into two parts, with the first two chapters exploring the capabilities and pitfalls of object-oriented programming, and the remaining chapters describing 23 classic software design patterns. The book includes examples in C++ and Smalltalk.
The original publication date of the book was October 21, 1994 with a 1995 copyright, and as of July 2010, the book was in its 38th printing. The book was first made available to the public at OOPSLA meeting held in Portland, Oregon, in October 1994. It has been highly influential to the field of software engineering and is regarded as an important source for object-oriented design theory and…

This article takes you to a simpler/alternative approach in making a Singleton Design Pattern implementation using System.Lazy class rather that using our traditional approach. Singleton Design Pattern implementation without lazy initialization: – This code is thread safe enabled This approach ensures that only one instance is created and only when the instance is needed. Also,
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Recently while I was attending an interview I came across a question Static vs Singleton. Though I know the differences I couldn’t answer it properly, as I was not refreshed my programming knowledge before the interview. I would like to quote a reference to Jalpesh’s blog article ( explaining the difference: Difference between Static and
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This is a little old document. But very useful for people who would like to learn more about “Enterprise Solution Patterns using Microsoft.NET” , by Microsoft Patterns & Practices This document is very good for referencing for common solution patterns and provides little more focus on ASP.NET based Solution Pattterns. Nice reference though!!.

Microsoft has recently released few updates for Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 (A collection of reusable application blocks(logging,caching, cryptography, data access etc) for .NET. One of the interesting part of these releases are Enterprise Library 5.0 & Unity 2.1(Dependency Injection Container) for Silverlight. more details about each release are given below. Enterprise Library 5.0 for Silverlight This release provides
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