Sending Apple iOS Push notifications using C#

July 3, 2011 .NET, .NET Framework, All, C#.NET, General, iOS, iPhone, Microsoft, Mobile-Development 3 comments

I was in a search for finding solution in C# or .NET which would allow me to send iOS Push notifications from C#. Ideally this needs to be a service/scheduler that will send push notifications periodically. Since iOS is a closed platform, I was wondering whether we can create anything like that using .NET. My search ended in an open source library called APNS-Sharp(APNS is the short for Apple Push notifications). This library provides a C# api for sending iOS push notifications. The library also contains an api for Apple’s Feedback service for  a service used to retrieve push tokens that are no longer valid, so as to be able to clean up subscriptions.

And then I came across a nice tutorial Posted by mheydt, called Sending Apple Push Notifications from a C# Application. Which was really informative and I have start implement the same for my requirement. Awesome!! Let me start trying that.. I will keep you all posted.

Quick Comparison Chart: iOS 5 vs iOS 4

June 29, 2011 All, General, iOS, iPhone, Mobile-Development No comments

I just came across a nice comparison chart between iOS 5(up coming, in BETA 2now ) and iOS 4. I couldn’t stop myself sharing this chart on my blog, because I am a gadget freak Smile. So have a look at it.



Courtesy & Referenced from : The Huffington Post

New iOS 4.3 for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch released & iOS SDK 4.3 available for development

March 10, 2011 All, General, iOS, iPhone, Mobile SDK, Mobile-Development No comments

Apple earlier announced that they would be releasing iOS 4.3(update for existing iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)  on March 11th 2011. But they done it again earlier than expected.  Apple has just released the very final version of iOS 4.3 for iPhone 4 (GSM only), iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, iPad, iPod touch 4G/3G.

This version of iOS brings a number of new features for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users including: ability to to cancel the download of an app, multitouch gestures for iPad (for developers only), Personal Hotspot for GSM iPhone 4, AirPlay for third party apps, option of choosing between mute switch and rotation lock for iPad’s “Side Switch” hardware button, subscription-based payments to iTunes App Store, Nitro JavaScript engine from Safari on OS X, new iTunes Home Sharing features, support for FaceTime on iPad 2, Photo Booth for iPad 2 and other system wide changes and improvements.

To update to iOS 4.3, all you need to do is to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with your computer via USB and start iTunes 10.2. You will be notified about the update, and  click on “Download and Install” button to get on to the new firmware.

Good news for iOS Developers

Apple XCODE 3.2.6 ( IDE for iPhone app development) & iOS SDK 4.3 for developers are available through http://developer.apple.com

You could get a beta version of XCODE 4.0 (BETA) if you are part of iOS Developer Programs($99 annual fee).

Have fun !!! Thanks APPLE for an early release.