Recently leaked Windows Phone 7.8 feature list indicates some of the interesting features you can expect as part of Windows.

Windows Phone 7.8 is an incremental update to existing Windows Phone 7.x platform, as upcoming Windows Phone 8 will not work on existing windows phone 7.x devices, because hardware signature and kernel might change as part of Windows Phone 8 improved features.

So Microsoft is planning to release an incremental update that includes some of the features of Windows Phone 7.x to satisfy the existing Windows Phone users, this incremental update is officially announced as Windows Phone 7.8.


Some of the features of Windows Phone 7.8 includes:

  1. Windows Phone 7.8 will sport the new home screen tiles, with variable sizes allowing more to fit on the display
  2. Improved camera application with Smart Group Shot, action, panorama and self-timer options.
  3. Wi-Fi tethering to Windows Phone 7.8
  4. Ability to flip the phone over to silence an incoming call, message tone or alarm.

Some  interesting features of Windows Phone 8 we might miss as part of Windows Phone 7.8 release.

Features not coming to Windows Phone 7.8 include:

  • Over-the-air updates
  • Support for screen resolutions higher than WVGA
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Multi-core processor support
  • Wallet Hub
  • NFC
  • Real multitasking
  • MicroSD card support
  • Device Management
  • Company Hub
  • Secure Boot and Encryption
  • IE 10

Another interesting news is that, the Windows Phone 8 release date is set for October 27, the same as Microsoft’s main Windows 8 operating system,

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