KendoUI Mobile is a set of Reusable HTML5/Javascript widgets or tools for Mobile Web Application development. KendoUI is made available for Commercial(PAID) and Open use on Certain licensing conditions from Telerik.

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KendoUI is a suite of new HTML5 Controls from Telerik. Telerik is a pioneer in .NET based reusable controls and other project management tools. Telerik provides readily available reusable components for different technologies such as Telerik .NET UI Controls for Silverlight, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET AJAX, WinForms, WPF, Windows Phone etc . KendoUI is a new introduction by Telerik targetting HTML5 application development.

KendoUI Suite Consists of 3 packages

1. KendoUI Web – for building HTML5 based desktop web applications

2. KendoUI Mobile – for building HTML5 based mobile web applications

3. KendoUI DataWiz – for building HTML5 based data visualization applications.

Kendo UI combines everything needed for modern JavaScript development, including a powerful DataSource, universal Drag-and-Drop, Templates, Themes, and UI Widgets.

What is special about KendoUI Mobile?

There are different other HTML5 based mobile application frameworks in the market, such as jQueryMobile, PhoneGap, Titanium, Sencha Touch.

jQuery Mobile: is a jQuery based HTML5 mobile web application framework and it provides consistent look and feel in all the supported platforms.

PhoneGap: which helps us to build Hybrid mobile applications (Half Native, Half Hybrid) using HTML5 and Javascript.

Sencha Touch: based on ExtJS (a popular javascript library, similar to jQuery), helps us in building HTML5 based mobile web applications provides native friendly appearance in target devices.

Titanium: Similar to PhoneGap but the end outcome would be native applications. Development will be done using HTML5 and JavaScript. End result will be a native application, underlying framework will convert javascript and HTML5 based syntax in to Native programming language and builds the output.


KendoUI Mobile? new addition to the mobile Web bandwagon using HTML5. As per Telerik, KendoUI Mobile provides native friendly look and feel on iOS and Android platforms( Unfortunately Version 1.0 of KendoUI Mobile will only target iOS and Android based appearance).

Taken from Kendo UI Website

  • Native UI widgets for building HTML5-powered apps and sites for modern mobile devices.
  • Making your mobile user interface touch responsive and with native look and feel.
Native UI on Every Device

Kendo UI Mobile helps developers build apps and sites for mobile devices that always look native. On iOS, Kendo UI Mobile widgets look native to iOS. On Android, Kendo UI Mobile widgets look native to Android. Automatically. Kendo UI Mobile detects the device and applies the proper styling.

Ready for App Stores

Easily build native-looking apps with Kendo UI Mobile and then deploy them through popular mobile app stores using packaging tools like PhoneGap. Get all of the benefits of native apps without any of the pain of writing the same app multiple times.

iOS, Android, and Beyond

In the first version, Kendo UI Mobile will provide UI widgets that match the theming and functionality of native controls available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry development, including buttons, navigation, and lists. With Kendo UI’s flexible styling system, developers can further customize Kendo UI Mobile themes easily to match any environment.

Personally I haven’t try anything using KendoUI or done a comparison amongst other Mobile Web Development platforms out there. Thus I will not give my take on the comparison of features etc. My idea about this post would be making you familiar about new offering from telerik – the Kendo UI.

KendoUI Mobile is recently released as Version 1.0 Beta, which provides Early Adopters to take a look at the new offering from telerik.

KendoUI is going to be a new interesting pet for all Telerik product adopters and developers. Hope to see more offerings from Telerik soon. Hope future Versions of KendoUI Mobile will have more platform support such as Blackberry, Bada, Windows Phone, Symbian etc. It is a relatively new product, way to go before it reaches it’s real momentum. But a very good offering from telerik.


Know more about Kendo UI visit

and also have a look at the nice demo put up by Kendo UI. 


Ref & Courtesy: Telerik, KendoUI Website