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Enterprise Solution Patterns Using Microsoft .NET – Version 2.0

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This is a little old document. But very useful for people who would like to learn more about “Enterprise Solution Patterns using Microsoft.NET” , by Microsoft Patterns & Practices

This document is very good for referencing for common solution patterns and provides little more focus on ASP.NET based Solution Pattterns.

Nice reference though!!.

Professional Scrum Development using Visual Studio 2010 – Links & Resources

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Channel 9 – MSDN – Ken Schwaber and and Sam Guckenheimer: Professional Scrum Development

Ken Schwaber, co-inventor of Scrum, and Sam Guckenheimer, Group Product Planner for Visual Studio discuss the Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) program around VS 2010. PSD includes a unique and intensive five-day experience for software developers. The course guides teams on how to turn product requirements into potentially shippable increments of software using Visual Studio 2010, the Scrum framework, and modern software engineering practices.

Ken and Sam talk about how and Microsoft collaborated on a new standard to make development teams more effective. Rather than treat process, tooling and engineering practices as separate topics and leaving their application as follow-up homework, both organizations saw the need to make teams effective in the application within a training setting. PSD classes are available worldwide at VS 2010 launch from certified trainers who are assessed, trained, mentored, and monitored by and Microsoft.


Introducing Visual Studio 2010 Scrum 1.0


Introducing Visual Studio 2010 Scrum 1.0 Part II


More References:

Ken Schwaber’s – Scrum Guide

wikipedia on Scrum Development

Download:    Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 1.0

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